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Jun 20, 2013 7:00am PDT
it's the fed's assessment that the economy's on firmer footing that is behind this guidance. >> do you think they're overestimating the strength of the economy? >> it's hard to say. there is very good evidence because the housing market has gotten some momentum. the auto sector is doing well. weep we've had steady if not strong gains in jobs. there was also a perception, a the fed is often kind of overestimated how strong the economy is going to be in the past couple of years. and also there was sort of a sense that ben bernanke the chairman, had an opening to be much more soothsing because inflation remains very low and he could have had an out by saying the sequester means the government is not helping the recovery out. >> the reason the average consumer should be interested in this is because it affected interest rates. >> it already has. we've already probably seen the lows in mortgage rates for the time being. so yes, that's the most immediate impact. >> the idea behind it on terms of what bernanke had said was he wanted to use the fed to reduce unemployment levels. >> that's righ
Jun 19, 2013 7:00am PDT
says if the reform bill passes, it would boost the economy and cut the federal deficit by $200 billion in the next decade. but now there are fears it may not happen at all. our political director john dickerson is in washington. john, good morning. >> reporter: morning, charlie. >> so what's the impact of this cbo report? >> reporter: well, i think for those who are pushing comprehensive immigration reform, it's a second big argument for them. they've been making the moral case that the immigration system has to be fixtured. now they can make an economic case that it's actually good for the economy. and critics, though, of this have seen a kind of push to get this bill rammed through. and so a lot of conservatives think that cbo is kind of tweaking the numbers here. they don't believe this will be good for the economy at all. >> john, what does it portend for the future of the immigration bill in the house when a key committee just passed a bill that would make it a federal crime to be in the united states illegally? >> reporter: the central tension to watch in this bill is between get
Jun 18, 2013 7:00am EDT
the economy is improving, there could be more marriages in the next two years. a virginia company says that's because companies feel more secure about their financial future. >>> the world's most definitive dictionary said "tweet" is now an official word. the oxford dictionary defines it as to make a posting on the social networking twitter. also to use twitter regularly or habitually. another term in the dictionary, how do you like this one "bad dancing." that defined as an awkward, unfashionable or unrestrained style of dancing performed by a middle-aged or older men. so i took the liberty of calling this morning they know you're dancing. and they wonder when you're coming back. they have videotape to document it. >> i remember that night. >> i've also seen charlie rose on the banquettes. >> that reminds me of that. >> bad dancing is a term. >> you can also dance backwards. >>> he's a man >>> millions of americans believe in alternative medicine. but a leading doctor says this, we're wasting money. and we may even be damaging our health. we'll talk to him next on "cbs this morning."
Jun 21, 2013 7:00am PDT
day in years? plus, how the dow's plunge could be a good sign for the economy. >>> new overnight. word of a near miss in the skies above new york city. how two jets almost collided in midair. >> the incredible story of a deaf boy hearing for the first time. inside a medical breakthrough. >>> and the miami heat go back to back, repeating as nba champs. >>> but we begin this morning with a look at today's eye opener. your world in 90 seconds. >> people in hedging their bets. >> wall street tries to rebound after a massive sell-off and stocks tumbling. >> yesterday, the dow plunged, its biggest point drop since 2011. >> anxiety mounted over potential of the stimulus reserve to end. >> snowden under investigation. the inspector general race been looking into the company. >> we do believe there may be some problems. >> senate leaders appear to have reached a compromise on immigration reform but the deal is likely to face stiff opposition in the house. >> for peepople concerned about border security, once they see this bill it's almost overkill. >> it's back-to-back titles for the heat
Jun 22, 2013 5:00am PDT
been pumping into the economy to lower interest rates, encourage borrowing and improve the labor and housing market. when he mentioned that investors knew it couldn't go on forever. hearing it caused a knee-jerk reaction. they thought he's not quitting cold turkey. unemployment needs to improve a little bit more and needs to be more growth in the economy. >> you talked about interest rates. that's a major concern for people, not just when it comes to mortgages, but student loans as well. >> everything you do is tied to the interest rate whether you like it or not. whether you have an existing loan or taking out a new loan. if you have a variable rate those could go up in the near term. they change with the market. if you have a fixed rate loan it stays the same. if you are taking on a new loan make sure you look closely at your mortgage. new mortgages, they also move with the market. we are seeing a 30-year fixed at nearly 40%. it's climbing. if you want take out a new mortgage, it's narrowing. credit cards, student loans, auto loans, other types of debt are tied to the federal r
Jun 17, 2013 7:00am EDT
, charlie and norah. the biggest european economies rush here to make economic choices, the same that have been facing thr for the past five year. most that remains mired in resession. even so, tough foreign ol' pohlcies could take center stage. but before all that president obama in belfast urged northern ireland to stick to the hard road of peace. president obama arrived in belfast and aurjed them to pursue the unfinished work of the 15-year-old good friday accords. >> whether you let your kids play with kids who attend a different church, that's your decision. whether you take a stand against violence and hatred and tell extremists on both sides that no matter how many times they attack the peace, they will not succe succeed, that is in your hands. >> reporter: mr. obama said america's journey to peace was slow and sometimes painful. >> when i was a boy, many stills still had separate drinking fountains and lunchroom count ters and restrooms for blacks and whites. my own parents' marriage would have been illegal in certain states. >> the president then headed to lock iron golf reso
Jun 15, 2013 5:00am PDT
economy is slowly improving, millions of americans are still out of work. and the interview process can be tough for both job seekers and employers. debra shigley is an expert on job hunting and the workplace, and she says there is a better way. good morning to you, debra. >> good morning. >> i'm happy to hear that interviews do not assess talent. you're telling us that's not the best way to go about this. >> there's a lot of new methods working better than previous methods in the past. one thing we see a lot now is a structured interview. that means basically the employer is trying to figure out job criteria and match up the candidate to situations in the past that will predict their potential success in the job at hand. >> so do you -- should you interview -- should you interview differently in different circumstances? i mean i think one of the things that some of these studies point out that is that in interviews we tend up relating to people who are like us, right? >> yes absolutely. there's an issue of bias. that's part of the reason why they like to do more objective structured in
Jun 18, 2013 7:00am PDT
have been put off since the recession began. now that the economy is improving, there could be more marriages in the next two years. a virginia company says that is because couples feel more secure about their financial future >>> the world's most definitive dictionary oxford english dictionary says tweet is a word. they define it as to make a posting on the social networking service twitter. also, to use twitter regularly or habit actually. one of 1200 new words. another term dad dancing. an awkward, unfashionable or unrestrained style of dancing performed by a middle-aged or older man. i took the liberty of calling mel them this morning because they know your dance moves. i have also seen you on ban cat. >> it reminds me of mom jeans. that's dressing in mom jeans. >> dad dancing is a term. >> i can also dance backwards. >> he is a man of many >>> millions of americans believe in >>> millions of americans believe in alternative medicine. a leading doctor says this. we are wasting money and we may be damaging our health. we'll talk to him next on "cbs this morning." >> announcer: th
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9 (some duplicates have been removed)